Geometry Volumes

Geometry: Volumes

Geometry: Volumes

Here are some ways to help you more easily memorize volume equations:

(1) If you can remember the area equations for shapes, for shapes like cylinders and shipping boxes the volume equation will be that area (of the shape's base) times the height.

(2) If you are studying for the GED, the only pyramids on the test will be those with four-sided bases. The volume of such a pyramid is 1/3 times the area of the base times the height. An easy way to remember this complicated equation is that the volume of a four-sided pyramid is 1/3 the volume of a packaging box with the same base length and width and the same height. Although the GED provides these equations, you should still try to remember as many equations as you can to save you time during the test.

(3) On the GED, if you are asked to calculate the volume of an irregular shape, first break the shape up into easy to manage parts, calculate each part individually, and then combine these parts with addition and or subtraction as needed based on the specific shape.

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